How Media Planners Can Sell When Consumers Won’t Stop Researching

27 Oct

Now-a-days, every time an average consumer sees a particular product which he has to purchase, he almost always researches the product and the brand online. The article from Advertising Age gives an insight into Google’s ‘Zero Moment Of Truth’ and how media planners can sell when in an age where consumers research a lot before buying.

The article talks about how the ‘Zero Moment Of Truth’ – ZMOT – is potentially disruptive thinking of marketers.

Consumers have changed their pattern of decision-making dramatically, increasingly deciding and switching their opinion of brands or products before they step into a store, talk to a sales representative or visit an e-commerce site. Hence the “Zero” moment of truth refers to the stage before the “first” and “second” moments of truth.

The number of sources consulted by consumers before a purchase has already nearly doubled since last year, to 10.4 from 5.3, according to a study conducted by Shopper Sciences for Google.

So what all implications does this consumer behavior of researching before buying a product have on marketers?

  1. In addition to aiming your marketing communications toward heavy users, you have to focus on “heavy influencers.”
  2. The classic marketing funnel needs updating.
  3.  Everything should be more social.
  4.  Digital discounting is in. 

Read the full article here

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