IAMAI and IMRB studies show that Internet is increasingly becoming a small town phenomenon

27 Oct

Recent IAMAI and IMRB studies has put to rest the myth that internet is only for the rich. The article also puts to light that the internet diversity is very poor in the top metros and the internet usage by the lower SECs were at an all time high. The key points from article are listed below:

  • Mumbai, with 8.1 million claimed users, and 6.2 million active internet users, is the top internet-using city in the country. Delhi, including the NCR, has acquired second place with 6.2 million and 5 million claimed and active internet users.
  • But, the survey also found that towns with less than a population of two lakh, collectively returned as high a number of internet users as the top four metros put together.
  • The internet density is very poor in top metros, despite awareness, education, and infrastructure. Delhi and the NCR, for example, have only five million active users, with a population base of 20 million.
  • The combined use of SEC C, D and E have been at an all-time high, with a combined usage of 36 per cent, representing more than one-third of total internet users.
  • 63 per cent of the active mobile internet users are from the top eight metros.

Read the full article here

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