About Us

(Parietal (puh-rahy-i-tl) lobe is the part of the brain that plays a crucial role in integrating and interpreting the sensory information from various parts of the body, knowledge of numbers and their relations.)

As the name suggests, team Parietal strives to piece together various marketing/ brand objectives, changing audience behavior, shifting media scenarios and environmental developments to arrive at differentiated and effective communication solutions for the businesses they partner with.

We, at Parietal, love conversations – both the talking and the listening part. We firmly believe that conversations are very potent; they are brimming with ideas. Interwoven in their threads are cues about people holding those conversations – their likes/dislikes, their beliefs, their fears, their motivations. You just need to listen, and then talk some and then listen again – and if done in a productive manner, these conversations leave you so enriched, so satiated.

So, we’ve created a conversation place of our own – “Consumeric”, a blog where we have and will continue to put up

  • all that we know about consumer and communication
  • all that we read/ saw/ heard and liked
  • all that boggles our mind and keeps us awake at nights
  • all the ideas that we are excited about.

We would love to have your feedback and contributions to make this blog a ‘conversation place’ in the real sense. We hope to generate some very productive ideas and at the very least ensure that you have an experience that makes you say “ It was nice talking to you !”

Happy Reading!


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