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Google+ introduces brand pages

On 7th November 2011, Google introduced brand pages for brands, business and celebrities hoping to give Facebook fan pages as well as twitter a run for their money. An article from discusses how Google+ brand pages can do better than both Facebook Pages & Twitter. The major points in favor for Google+ were as follows:

  • Google has integrated Google+ into its search engine. With Google+ Direct Connect, searchers can insert a “+” before their query and jump directly to a business’s Google+ page. eg. When you type +Pepsi on your Google search bar, it will directly take you to Pepsi’s brand page on Plus.
  • As Google+ evolves, Google will have the means to promote its social network — and the branded Pages within it — in ways that Facebook or Twitter cannot because a broad array of services like Search, Gmail, Chrome and Android, which are fundamental to the online lives of so many peoplecan be tied to Google+.
  • Google+ integrates directly with YouTube, the web’s unquestioned video heavyweight, and Picasa, its photo sharing tool.
  • Anyone can readily comment on a Goggle+ Page post, and the Page owner can readily respond. With Twitter, that sort of communication becomes a tedious series of @-messages that clog the feeds of uninterested followers.

We also feel that the brand pages on Google+ can be used to have a hangout with the followers, which cannot happen in a Facebook fan page or a twitter. That is one aspect which makes Google+ brand pages more interactive, especially when celebrities use it or for movies to be promoted on the platform. The hangouts can also be used to provide customer care to followers.

What is your take on the Google+ pages?

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