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Why QR codes generally fail

B.L. Ochman discusses on Advertising Age how badly have agencies used QR codes and also talks about its vast potential and growth statistics. She stated the four reasons listed below as the main reasons why Q.R. codes fail:

  • Unreadable codes on billboards, too high up for people to get a clear scan; on ads in subways, where there is no cellphone reception for scans.
  • QR codes in TV ads By time you run and get your phone, find the scanner, and try to take a shot, the ad’s over. Doh!
  • No instructions. Not everyone knows what a QR code is and how to scan it. So it’s necessary to include clear and concise instructions that include the benefits of bothering to make the scan.
  • Using a proprietary code so you need a specific type of QR readers to scan it. As if people would download a scanner just to read a code they don’t understand. Fail.

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